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The Ohio AFL-CIO unveiled a new video to launch its 2014 campaign.  The video will be shown at organizational meetings around Ohio this spring and summer as the campaign gets underway.   Read more

Submitted by: Bruce Bostick On Tuesday, April 15, AKA “Tax Day,” a large group, led by Ohio State Senator Nina Turner slammed GOP Governor Kasich’s latest tax cut proposal as “just another gift to who least need it, Ohio’s wealthiest top 1%.” In the third of what is being billed as “Testimony Tuesday,”... Read more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mike Gillis, 216-334-9068 [caption id="attachment_8969" align="alignright" width="80"] Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim... Read more

On Monday, April 7, 2014, the GOP-led House & Finance Appropriations Committee added several amendments that attack working-class values at their core. These amendments were added to the off-year budget bill and is just another attempt for Gov. John Kasich and other extreme Republicans to attack voting and worker rights under the guise of saving taxpayer dollars. In the bill was an... Read more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mike Gillis, 216-334-9068 [caption id="attachment_8969" align="alignright" width="80"] Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim... Read more

After attending the Ohio Voters Bill of Rights Petition Training hosted by Rev. Jawanza Colvin, Rabbi Nosanchuk published the following article: Is it 2014? Tell me, really. I live and work as a rabbi in the State of Ohio where you’d think it was 1964. In Ohio, our Secretary of State, our legislature, our Governor and so many others speak out against... Read more

We Will Remember in November March 31st is the Third Anniversary of Kasich’s Senate Bill 5 REPEALED BUT NOT FORGOTTEN SB5 was signed into law by Governor Kasich. Extreme, out-of-touch politicians led by Gov. Kasich pushed through this law that was a direct attack on public employees and would strip them of their collective bargaining... Read more

Media Advisory for Friday March 14, 2014 For further information contact Mike Gillis (216) 334-9068 Senator is key vote in Senate to extend lifeline to nearly 58,000 Ohioans TOLEDO, OH – Northwest Ohio working families will gather at the site of an appearance by Senator Rob Portman to... Read more

PITTSBURGH –The United Steelworkers (USW) today said some 62 members of Local 3610-02 were locked out at PSC Metals, Inc.’s Canton, Ohio facility. The union has already filed an unfair labor practice charge against the scrap metal processing company for bargaining in bad faith with Region 8 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). USW lead negotiator Bob Andrews called on PSC... Read more

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2014 the Ohio House of Representatives passed along party lines to voter suppression bills. Click here to tell Gov. Kasich to VETO these bills! Senate Bill 238 will change current law by reducing the number of days available for Ohioans to participate... Read more

Just another day in the office for some extreme Ohio House Republicans trying to suppress the vote. Yesterday, we saw the democratic process... Read more

I am tired of the continuing attempts of extreme legislators to disenfranchise tens of thousands of Ohio voters. The previous General Assembly passed HB 194, which so egregiously sought to place unnecessary barriers to voting that Ohioans were poised to overturn it by... Read more